Kuna levy gets scrutiny at chamber lunch

Kuna School District’s two year, $3.19 million-a-year  levy is getting a lot of attention this time around.

The latest evidence: A spirited presentation and question -and-answer discussion at the Kuna Chamber of Commerce meeting Thursday.

Steve Ackerman, an opponent and Lori Blattner, a supporter of the levy, put their cases to a group of about 50 people.

Ackerman, who opposes the bond, said the district has not done a sufficient job of prioritizing where revenue from the levy would go. His top priority is educational materials and supplies. “Funding is for learning,” he said.

Blattner, a mother with three kids in the district, warned that failure to renew the levy first adopted to in 2012, could create an outflow of teachers to nearby districts such as Nampa and Middleton. Eighty percent of the district’s budget is personnel, she said. The levy accounts for 11 percent of the budget. It’s impossible to take that much money out of the system and not affect people, Blattner said.

Kuna School District tried to renew its levy on March 11 and it was defeated in a tight vote. Now the school district is coming back again. This time, voters, who largely stayed home during the last election, will get a second shot at the ballot.



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