UPDATED: Country radio station KQFC rebrands itself as Nash FM in Boise

With two country stations in the Boise market, Cumulus Media has been nagged by rumors that it might flip formats at either KQFC 97.9 FM or Kissin’ 92.3 FM. After all, it doesn’t make much sense to compete with yourself — particularly when there’s a rival station, Wow 104.3 FM, taking bites out of the same country-music marketshare pie. (Update: Or maybe it does. See comments from Cumulus’ Don Morin below. )

Maybe a flip will happen — but it doesn’t look like it will be at KQFC. The station renewed its dedication to country music last week by rebranding itself as Nash FM.

Nash is a national country brand being rolled out in multiple markets by Cumulus. For other stations welcomed Nash stations on the same day KQFC did. In January, WRXP 94.7 became New York City’s first country station in 17 years when Cumulus relaunched it as Nash FM, calling it “America’s country station.”

“Cumulus has plans for a Nash magazine, a Nash TV show — these things are all in the works,” says Cumulus Media Market Manager Don Morin. “So it’s taking advantage of the power of Cumulus’ country footprint across the country.”

Here in Boise, Nash’s imaging is slightly more humble. Between Blake Shelton’s “Honey Bee” and Confederate Railroad’s “Trashy Woman” on Wednesday, a Nash sweeper proclaimed, “Country for the Treasure Valley. Country for life. Nash FM.”

Country for life? Look out Kissin’ 92.3 — that format-flip ball appears to be in your court.

Or not.

Morin says no changes are planned for Kissin’ — and that, in fact, owning two country stations in the same market is perfectly acceptable. If you flip formats, you roll the dice that you won’t lose listeners to your competitors. But by having two country stations?

“It gives us the ability to position the two stations differently,” Morin says. “Kissin’s going to play the new music, and  it’s going to jump on the new music first, and (KQFC) is a country hit-driven station.”


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