Kokanee swimming around at MK Nature Center

kokaneeEverybody loves watching kokanee salmon – people, mink and herons.

Idaho Fish and Game released 400 kokanee salmon from Deadwood Reservoir into the pond and streams at the MK Nature Center on Aug. 20.

They’re easily seen in the underwater stream display at the center, located at 600 S. Walnut St.

Things start to get busy at the Nature Center when kokanee arrive. The land-locked salmon lure other critters in for lunch,  such as herons and mink. Maybe raccoons, who knows?

The green-headed and orange-reddish fish are native to Idaho. They are in full spawning coloration and soon you’ll see the females digging nests called redds.

Photo: a kokanee darts around at the Nature Center (taken Aug. 21 by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman).


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