Knife: It isn’t your everyday stocking stuffer

knifeBenchmade, a premier knife maker from Oregon City, Ore., announced one of its newest products this week – a limited edition folding knife with an assist locking mechanism.

It’s kind of a pretty knife with a reddish handle. To be more technical it has a DLC coated crowned M390 (HRC 60-62) blade with a hand-polished convex edge; 3D machined carbon fiber handles with red C-Tek epoxy infused aluminum honeycomb inlays; DLC coated split arrow reversible pocket clip; and crimson anodized aluminum barrel spacers. I know, I didn’t understand the descriptions either. All I know is that it’s a good lo0king knife.

It sounds like there are only 200 of them being made available. The price? Santa, hold on to your reindeer. $700.

I’m always misplacing my folding knife. I’ve had to replace it once already. I don’t know how I’d feel about misplacing something like this. I know Benchmade knives are good. I have a Benchmade fixed blade that has served me well.

Anyway, if you have money to spare, it’s one heck of a stocking stuffer. If you’re interested, call (800) 800-7427.

Photo provided by Benchmade


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