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Kitten taken from Boise shelter by teens has been returned

A group of teenagers stole a kitten from the Idaho Humane Society  Saturday, but parents made sure the animal was returned Monday morning, according to a shelter spokeswoman.

The kitten that was taken had just been neutered, and shelter officials were concerned that the young animal get proper care following the operation.

“We wanted to make sure it was going to a place where it was going to be looked after, and not just a place where kids were going to hide it,” Idaho Humane Society spokeswoman Hannah Parpart said.

The kitten was in a carrier in the lobby of the shelter before it went missing. The teens had asked about whether they could adopt a kitten, but were told that they had to be 18 years old or older to adopt.

The theft was reported in local media, and the parents of the teens who took the kitten brought it back. Parpart said the shelter isn’t going to file a police report. She said shelter Director Jeff Rosenthal had talked to the parents and teens, and he’s satisfied that the situation has been resolved.

Like the Canyon County Animal Shelter, the Idaho Humane Society has a large number of kittens available for adoption. Here are just a few:










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