Japanese tsunami debris swims to Idaho?

Crews at the Rapid River Hatchery near Riggins were performing a routine necropsy on a spawned out chinook salmon when they found this debris in its stomach that appears to be of Japanese origin. There are tons of trash floating in the Pacific since the giant tsunami in 2011.

There’s no way to prove it’s tsunami debris, but considering the tsunami caused a Harley Davidson motorcycle and a dock to drift from Japan to the West Coast, it’s certainly within the realm of possibility.

“The fish left the Pacific Ocean this spring, migrated up the Columbia, Snake and Salmon rivers and was trapped at Rapid River Hatchery this summer,” explained Ed Schriever, Chief of Fisheries for Idaho Fish and Game.

Can any body out there tell us what this bit of trash is or shed some light on what it says?

Photo provided by Idaho Fish and Game

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