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It’s baaack: Seasonal dog off-leash program at Ann Morrison Park

For the second year in a row, Boise Parks & Recreation will allow off-leash dogs in a section of Ann Morrison Park during the fall and winter months. The program runs Friday, Nov. 1, to Friday, Feb. 28.



The goal of the off-leash hours: Reduce the turf damage and health concerns caused by large numbers of geese in the parks during the winter.

A pilot of the seasonal off-leash program last year started on Dec. 5. When parks officials counted geese in the eastern section of the park in January, the found just 10. That compares with 485 the year before.

During the seasonal program, dogs are allowed off-leash from the fountain to the eastern edge of the park.  Signs are posted in the park, which is open from sunrise to sunset.



Dogs like Atticus will be happy to hear that the seasonal off-leash program at Ann Morrison is back. The Boise border collie, pictured in this 2005 archive photo, sent a resume to the city asking for the job of chasing geese in Ann Morrison Park for the Parks and Recreation Department.The off-leash program ends Feb. 28 because that’s about the time that local soccer teams begin spring practice.

Boise has four designated dog parks and seven other parks that have off-leash hours. Here’s a link to the city page with that information.

Ann Morrison Park is at 1000 Americana Boulevard in Boise.



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