It will be a bright New Year at Eagle Island State Park

eagle park
Photo by Roger Phillips
I got a look at the terrain park/tubing hill Ryan Neptune is building at Eagle Island State park, and all I can say is there’s going to be a lot of grinning kids on New Year’s Day when it opens. You can see the details in the Statesman, but here’s why I think it’s going to be a great addition to the Treasure Valley.

It’s easily accessible, it will be inexpensive for kids and families, and it’s just going to be a lot of fun.

As skiers and snowboarders, we get wrapped up in vertical feet and the speed and capacity of lifts, but I got a kick out of a few kids at Eagle Island sliding on toboggans on a slope that was slightly longer than you’re average pitched driveway. And guess what? They were having a blast.

And that wasn’t even on the tubing hill Neptune is creating. It was just a little mound with snow near one of the ponds.

Everyone can remember that initial rush of sliding down a snowy hill, and it probably wasn’t on skis or a snowboard. Thousands of Treasure Valley kids will get that giddy thrill of feeling gravity pulling them downhill.

And what makes it even cooler, if they have skis or a snowboard, Neptune is carving a playground out of snow for them.

Will it look like Sun Valley’s terrain park? No.

Will kids have an absolute blast at Eagle Island? Definitely.

So I am living vicariously through the kids this year. I will go snowboarding at one or several of our local ski resorts, but I doubt I will have more fun than the kids will have at a small hill with man-made snow, a basic uphill tow and a local visionary who’s putting his time, money and skills into something very cool for kids and the community.

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