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Intermountain Gas customers will get paid for extracurricular gas sales

gasFLAMEIntermountain Gas Co. was prepared to share the proceeds of its sale of liquid natural gas to non-utility customers on a 50-50 basis since it has a surplus beyond what it needs to serve its Idaho customers.

In negotiations with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission  the investor-owned monopoly that serves 315,000 customers in southern Idaho agreed to hand over 70 percent of the revenues from these sales after it sold $1.5 million worth of its surplus.

Intermountain will use all stored liquid natural gas to meet its utility customer demand first. It also will charge non-utility customers 2.5 cents for each gallon sold to meet any operations and maintenance costs resulting from these sales.

Intermountain will pass this on to its customers and tack another 2.5 cents per gallon to meet any capital expenditures or increased maintenance costs to its Nampa liquid natural gas plant, the the Commission order.

Rocky Barker is the energy and environment reporter for the Idaho Statesman and has been writing about the West since 1985. He is the author of Scorched Earth How the Fires of Yellowstone Changed America and co-producer of the movie Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone, which was inspired by the book and broadcast on A&E Network. He also co-authored the Flyfisher's Guide to Idaho and the Wingshooter's Guide to Idaho with Ken Retallic. He also was on the Statesman’s team that covered the Sen. Larry Craig sex scandal, which was one of three Pulitzer Prize finalists in breaking news in 2007. The National Wildlife Federation awarded him its Conservation Achievement Award.

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