In this instance, the movie plays out better than the book

“The Host” Movie Review

After reading Stephenie Meyer’s latest book (have you noticed nothing else has come out since?), I was left less than impressed. You can read my review to find out that I thought “The Host” had the same fatal flaws as the “Twilight” series had. But, the concept and idea of the story was unique and intriguing. That’s what kept me reading. I wanted to know what happened to Wanda and those she cared about. I just didn’t care a whole lot about the in-between parts.

I was confident that the movie would be MUCH better than the book, and while I was off on the degree of betterness, I was spot on about it being better. Now, what does that say about the movie, since it didn’t get that great of reviews and performed rather poorly in the box office? It could say a few things:

• Movie critics don’t usually give high ratings to these types of movies, anyway; so this is no real surprise

• There was lots of amp among the “Twilight” and Meyer fans because this was another Meyer product, hence all the excitement. But, at the end of the day, it was just another Meyer product. And with literary and movie critics alike slamming the “Twilight” books and movies, they probably weren’t expecting much anyway

• It wasn’t that great of a movie

Which cause do I contribute to the lackluster results in the theaters? A combination of all three, if you must know.

I enjoyed the movie more than the book because it omitted much of the filler Meyer used to add word count to her book. I.E. – describing the cave in detail, every time Wanda saw it, which was all the time; taking out all of her stories about the past planets she lived on; the multiple scenes where Wanda was being the victim.

It was easier to do because we had the visual benefits of seeing the distrust in the different characters’ eyes, the slight mannerisms or actions done as a result of x, y, or z. But the movie also streamlined the plot, taking out much of the rabbit trails. It also gave more intensity and seriousness to the Seeker looking for Wanda. Making her more dangerous, thus actually adding a dramatic point to the plot.

But, there still was a lot of kissing in the movie. A heck of a lot more. Every time Wanda turned around, she was being thrown up against some wall and being kissed. I guess that’s the only way the director could think of to show the audience there were some attractions going on. There was even an alluded to sexual encounter between Melanie and Jared in her flashbacks. Poor Meyer was probably cringing at that part.

The movie felt long, dragged on, and it was only two hours. It would have been nice if that feeling hadn’t crossed over from the book to the film.

Overall, it was an okay two hours. It’s not one of my favorites, but it was a pretty decent adaptation of the book.

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