Idahoan smashes Iditarod bike race record

What is it about Idaho bikers that makes them enjoy suffer fests? I wish I knew the answer and could bum a few sips of what’s in their water bottles. Victor mountain biker and all-around bad ass Jay Petervary of Victor crushed the Iditarod Trail Invitational Race in Alaska. He rode 350 miles on snow-covered trails in two days, 19 hours, and 16 minutes — 10 hours faster than the old record, and most of it was in sub-zero temperatures.

Ketchum’s Rebecca Rusch, aka “the Queen of Pain” is a four-time winner of the Leadvill Trail 100 who broke her own course record in 2012. The race is a grueling 100-miler at high elevation in the Rockies.

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