Idaho state parks remain open during federal shutdown

1222 out trip dunesDon’t be confused on what parks are closed for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities because of the federal government shutdown.

Idaho has federal campgrounds and state parks campgrounds

The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation is letting everyone know that although federally managed parks and campgrounds are closed, Idaho’s State Parks are still open and accessible.


“Idaho has federally-managed and state-managed outdoor parks and public spaces,” said State Parks communications manager, Jennifer Okerlund. “Our National Parks may not be accessible right now, but Idaho’s State Parks are open and continue to offer wonderful fall camping and day-use opportunities.”



City of Rocks National Reserve is a cooperatively managed area between the U.S. Park Service and Idaho Parks and Recreation and part of the area has been affected by the shutdown. Castle Rocks State Park, adjacent to the national reserve is open along with other state property in the area.

  A complete list of Idaho’s State Parks is available HERE

Photo of Bruneau Dunes State Park by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman

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