Idaho ranks 24th for Boone and Crockett trophy animals

Call it good news or bad. Idaho still produces enough trophy big game animals to rank among the top 25 North American states and provinces between 2010 and 2012, according to a new book from the Boone and Crockett Club.

A total of 4,921 big-game trophies were accepted into Boone and Crockett Club records between 2010-2012, the club reported. Idaho accounted for 64 of those animals.

Idaho’s 24th ranking was below neighboring states Wyoming (4th, 178 animals), Montana (tied for 7th with Kentucky, 139 animals), Utah (16th, 102 animals) and Nevada (17th, 98 animals), but above Oregon and Washington, neither of which were ranked in the top 25. Wisconsin took the top spot with 412 animals entered into the books during that period.

The book is available HERE.

“These latest records are included in a new book that hunters can use to pinpoint North America’s hottest areas for trophies ranging from whitetail to walrus,” a Boone and Crockett release said.

“Boone and Crockett Club’s 28th Big Game Awards, 2010-2012″ also celebrates the conservation efforts and remarkable hunts that combined to produce so many trophies during the three-year period. Stories about 95 of the top new trophies are featured. Each listing includes B&C gross score, final score, county and date of kill, hunter, rank and more.

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