Idaho Foodbank did not get a cent from last year’s ‘IdahoHoHo’ CD

1395184_435743029861322_1015189100_nSince the tradition started in 2010, Moxie Java’s annual local-music CD, “IdahoHoHo,” has been a boon for the Idaho Foodbank.

Sales of the first annual disc generated $5,920 for the Foodbank. The second disc raised a whopping $18,261.

But the 2012 album? Not a penny.

Despite the promise on the back of the CD case — “Proceeds benefit the Idaho Foodbank” — Moxie Java gave no money to the non-profit organization.

Sales of the CD dropped significantly in 2012 and did not cover production costs, according to Moxie Java.

I just found this out right after my Scene column about the 2013 CD went to the press. I was shocked. And bummed. But Moxie is getting things back on track in 2013. They are guaranteeing a minimum donation of $1,000 to the Foodbank — more than that if things go well.

So go buy that new “IdahoHoHo” CD. (By the way, is it “IdahoHoHo” or Idaho Ho Ho” or Idaho-Ho-Ho”? Everybody seems to have a different style.)

I’ll address the situation — and what happened to cause the sales drop — in more detail in my Sunday Life column.





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