Idaho ed reform task force considers ideas to improve schools

Gov Butch Otter’s Task Force for Improving Education meets this morning at Boise State University to consider draft recommendations that could change the path of public schools in Idaho.

I am at the meeting and will be blogging through the day as the groups discuss issues such as teacher salaries, more money for public schools, and requiring student mastery of lessons as a condition of students advancing through the education system. Check back here through the day for updates.

Otter’s task force grew out of a bitter fight over education reform that lead to the defeat of state schools chief Tom Luna’s Students Come First program in a referendum last fall.

Otter sought to bring educators, government leaders, parents and business people together for a months-long discussion on how to create a public school system that produces college and career ready students.

Recommendations from today’s meeting are expected to go to Otter who will review them and could bring some of the ideas to lawmakers when the Idaho Legislature meets in 2014.

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