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Idaho CD2: Smith takes on Simpson stance on earmarks

In the continuing battle over who’s the real conservative race in this year’s Republican primary, challenger Bryan Smith released his first TV ad Tuesday.

It’s called “earmarks.” As its name indicates, the 30-second spot takes second Congressional district’s eight-term incumbent Mike Simpson to task for his support of earmarks as a way of steering money to the district. Smith’s campaign said that position is evidence of Simpson’s “liberal voting record.”

Here’s the full ad.

Here’s the text of the statement Smith’s campaign released today:

Idaho Falls, ID – Today Bryan Smith’s campaign released its first television ad “Earmarks.” The significant ad buy is running in the Twin Falls and Idaho Falls media markets.

At a time when our nation’s debt is over $17 trillion dollars, our country cannot afford any more wasteful earmark spending. Mike Simpson says he has “always been a supporter of earmarks” and that is clear from his liberal voting record.

“While the Simpson campaign continues to throw mud instead of running on the congressman’s record, the Smith campaign will set the record straight on Simpson’s liberal voting record. It is clear that Congressman Simpson’s rhetoric does not match his record. Simpson tries to claim he is a fiscal conservative but he cannot run from his liberal voting record anymore. When you vote for the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’, a lobster institute in Maine and a park in Nancy Pelosi’s district, you cannot make such conservative claims,” said Bryan Smith campaign manager, Carrie Brown.

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