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Idaho CD2: More of the same from Smith, Simpson campaigns

You were mistaken if you thought the tone of incumbent Mike Simpson’s and challenger Bryan Smith’s campaigns would change after they faced off in their first debate.

Asked for their responses to the debate, both campaigns continued trying tell Republican voters that their guy is the real conservative.

Here’s the Smith campaign’s response, courtesy of campaign manager Carrie Brown:

“I believe the contrast between the two candidates was very clear to the voters of Idaho’s second congressional district. They have the choice between a big government, Washington insider with Congressman Simpson or a true conservative leader with Bryan Smith.”

Here’s what Simpson’s campaign had to say:

“Mike enjoyed the opportunity to remind voters of his proven conservative record of delivering results for Idaho and the chance to contrast that with his opponent’s empty campaign rhetoric,” said Senior Advisor Sarah Nelson.  ”The debate allowed Mike to set the record straight about personal injury lawyer and debt collector Bryan Smith and his DC allies false and negative attacks on Mike’s conservative record. Idahoans have seen Mike vote over 50 times against Obamacare, co-sponsor the balanced budget amendment to end out of control government spending, protect Idaho’s water from the Obama Administration and fight to protect farmer and ranchers from the overreach of the EPA. They know they can depend on Mike to fight for them, and our Idaho values, in Washington.”

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