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Idaho CD2: Incumbent releases latest ad

Once again, “conservative” is the only word that seems to matter in the race between incumbent Mike Simpson and challenger Bryan Smith to represent Idaho’s 2d congressional district.

Today, the Simpson campaign announced the release of a new TV ad, titled “Truth.” Instead of attacking Smith, the ad covers some of the themes both candidates have tried to associate with themselves in this election season: cutting taxes, fighting Obamacare and abortion, trying to balance the budget and supporting gun rights.

Most of the ad shows video of 2012 Republican nominee for President Mitt Romney stumping for Simpson.

Another interesting note on the ad: Starting today, it will run in the Twin Falls and Idaho Falls media markets, continuing the trend of both campaigns focusing their attention almost exclusively on the eastern side of the 2d congressional district. Most of Boise lies in the district, but public campaign appearances here have been scant.

Here’s a news release from the Simpson campaign announcing the ad:

Boise, ID – Today, Congressman Mike Simpson’s campaign announced the release of its new ad, “Truth,” featuring Governor Mitt Romney. The ad highlights Congressman Simpson’s proven conservative record of delivering results for Idaho and begins running today in the Twin Falls and Idaho Falls media markets.

“Governor Romney knows I have a proven conservative record, and I’m truly honored to have his support,” said Congressman Mike Simpson. “Governor Romney is a tremendous example of leadership and integrity. I appreciated him campaigning for me across the district a few weeks ago, and his support means a great deal to me personally.”

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