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Idaho CD2: FactCheck.org takes issue with Simpson attack ad

A couple weeks ago, I took issue with a questionable claim that incumbent Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson’s campaign made in an ad attacking challenger Bryan Smith.

Today, FactCheck.org brought up the same questionable claim in a dissection of the ad and legal case the ad references. Click here to read the FactCheck report.

This isn’t the first dubious claim in the Smith-Simpson fight to represent Idaho’s 2d congressional district in Washington, D.C.

Smith has, on several occasions, drawn attention to what he calls a pro-ACORN vote by Simpson. Here’s the background on that issue.

This Simpson attack ad¬†appears to show Smith’s “biography” on a website for Smith’s law firm, Smith, Driscoll and Associates. Between 00:10 and 00:22, close readers have noticed the background page has things written on it that just don’t seem right, not to mention their poor punctuation and grammar. Here’s a few examples:

“Bryan opposed conservatives ¬†will do everything in his power to secure outrageous awards for your case, regardless frivolous lawsuits businesses.”

“Bryan will fight for these outrageous payouts even if it would cost businesses millions.”

“…drive up healthcare expenses”

“Bryan has served as an attorney in Idaho Falls for over an attorney has filed over sit amet sagittis…”

I haven’t been able to figure out what “sit amet sagittis” means, or even if those are real words.

Both campaigns have yet to get back to me with response to my questions. I’ll update when I hear from them.



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