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Idaho CD2: Challenger Smith revisits ACORN accusations against Simpson

The ACORN issue is back in Idaho’s second congressional district race.

The campaign for challenger Bryan Smith on Thursday slammed incumbent Mike Simpson for denying that he voted to continue funding the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, better known in political circles as ACORN. In 2009, the group ran into hot water after several videos surfaced that appeared to show ACORN staffers advising man and woman posing as a couple on all kinds of unsavory things, such as how to launder money and train child prostitutes.

“It is an indisputable fact that Simpson was one of only three Republicans in 2011 to vote to fund the radical liberal and corrupt group, ACORN,” a news release from the Smith camp said.

Smith’s accusation is an old one. It comes from a vote Simpson made on an amendment to a 2011 spending bill that sought to take federal funding away from more than 100 nonprofit organizations. The amendment’s sponsor, Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, couldn’t explain why some of the groups were on the list.

“(Simpson’s) ‘no’ vote reflected his disappointment that Rep. King was ill-prepared to explain his amendment in detail and because he could not provide his colleagues with a full explanation of the amendment’s necessity or impacts,” according to the Simpson campaign. 

By the time of that vote, ACORN’s doors were already closed. In fact, Simpson voted dozens of times to defund ACORN.

Here’s the full text of the Smith campaign’s release:

Idaho Falls, ID – Yesterday, while Congressman Mike Simpson was addressing a group of Idahoans he denied voting to fund ACORN. He claimed that the attacks on him are “misleading.” According to the Washington Post and Factcheck.org, Simpson’s attacks are the ones being called, “false and misleading,” to Idaho voters.

The Idaho State Journal reported, “Simpson did address some of those statements, which he says are misleading, on Wednesday. For instance, he pointed to comments that he was one of three Republicans in the House who voted to continue to fund ACORN.”

It is an indisputable fact that Simpson was one of only three Republicans in 2011 to vote to fund the radical liberal and corrupt group, ACORN. The American Spectator in 2011 reported,” Only three Republican lawmakers voted to keep ACORN eligible for funding. They were Robert Aderholt (R-Alabama), Mike Simpson (R-Idaho), and Paul Gosar (R-Arizona).”

“The Smith campaign has been setting the record straight because Congressman Simpson seems to forget his record quite often. Bryan Smith would not waste Idahoan’s tax dollars on liberal, corrupt groups like ACORN. Unlike Simpson, Bryan Smith will fight for smaller government, less spending and no new tax increases,” says Smith campaign manager, Carrie Brown.

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