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Check out some of these local authors and their books. You might find something to fall in love with.

Henry HarrisTitle: Henry Harris
Author: Les Sweeney
Publisher: Self

In 1884, John Sparks brought a young black kid of about 19 years of age, to northest Nevada, from Georgetown, Texas, to work for the Cattle Empire of Sparks & Tinnin and later Sparks & Harrell. That black kid was Henry Harris. Within a few years he was given a crew and made wagon boss. By 1900, except for his 2 brothers, Henry had an all white crew. Cowboys would seek employment with the Cattle Empire just to work for the legendary Henry Harris. At the turn of the 19th century, Henry may have been the only black man, in this country, to supervise white men.

About the author:
Les was raised in Nevada and retired to Payette, Idaho. If you’re interested in purchasing the book, contact the author at

Shauna's ChanceTitle: Shauna’s Chance
Author: Freda Lawless
Publisher: PublishAmerica (January 18, 2013)
ISBN-10: 1627096019
ISBN-13: 978-1627096010
Price: $22.46


Ten-year-old Shauna and her mother, both mourning the loss of their beloved Henry, set out one day to find their chance to love again. Unbeknownst to them God has heard their prayers and is ready to answer them in ways they never imagined He could.

About the author:

Freda is from Middleton, Idaho. She is an evocate for shelter dogs and wants to give 15% of her royalties to dogs in need.

MY book carries 2 messages to adopt don’t buy and the power of prayer. I hope to sell 5000 copies by August, but regardless of how many I sell I’m still giving 15% to rescues in need. It’s just that if I sell that many I can get the highest % in royalties. They are as follows (doesn’t matter to me if you show this info) up to 500 copies sold I will get the following in royalties>500> 8%, 1500>12%, 3000>25%,5000> 50%. Of course the more sold the more I can give. I’ve been a dog lover from an early age thanks to my father Fred Lawless. I have 2 cocker spaniels that are the heart and soul of me. I do have 2 facebook pages one under my name the other under the books title Shauna’s Chance. Here is the link to order the book. Sadly it IS print on demand and they just reduced the price. I’m always on facebook sharing the dogs that are in shelters needing rescue. It is my dream to help with the high amount of animals (dogs) that are owner surrender, abused, neglected or dumped. Thank you again for this awesome opportunity! God Bless!

Secrets Brought HomeTitle: Secrets Brought Home
Author: James Milton Smith
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing (March 20, 2012)
ISBN-10: 1470195925
ISBN-13: 978-1470195922
Price: Ebook $9.99 Paperback $14.24


Secrets Brought Home by James Milton Smith is a vivid story about a young man who discovers what really happens behind the scenes when he is thrust into a Secret War in Laos by a government he so trusted. Owen O’Brien is a newly minted 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. He is involved in an unfortunate incident that leads him into service with the CIA as a paramilitary Case Officer during the years leading up to the Vietnam War. Owen is sent by the powers that be to British Jungle Warfare School, and from there into Thailand and Laos. Owen is sworn to secrecy with the CIA, and he carries that order into his life. Owen’s recon missions and firefights are gut-wrenching. The experiences and horror of war mold Owen into a salty and seasoned combat Marine. Critically wounded during one of his missions, Owen is medevaced out. Upon his return home to the states, Owen seemingly has it together, but there are dark side hauntings embedded in his psyche. His dilemma is he cannot ask for forgiveness from those he has killed and wounded in combat. Owen meets a psychologist he can trust, and dialogues between Owen and his psychologist reveal a story of deep introspection and an understanding into the resultant erratic behavior from a life held hidden. The story will shock the reader, and will simultaneously evoke an empathy we rarely allow ourselves in a stiff-upper-lip society. The descriptions of Owen’s life and the dialogues during the counseling sessions are humorous, heartbreaking and painful. And then, a surrealistic and seemingly predestined event occurs on a street in San Francisco. It leaves the onlookers stunned. Something incredible happens.

About the author:

He is a former Marine. A good part of his professional life was spent living overseas where he was engaged in international business. He lived in Europe and South America, and spent a great deal of time in the Orient. He currently lives in NE Oregon however lived in Boise and Ketchum for over thirty years.

CasteTitle: Caste
Author: RaeLynn Fry
Publisher: Terebinth Tree Publishing, llc
ISBN-10: 0989213412
ISBN-13: 978-09-89213417
Price: $2.99 ebook, $13.99 paperback


Seventeen-year-old Karis Singh’s little brother is dying and the Corporation’s Analysis has concluded that he’s not worth saving. One thing is stopping her from going into the city and stealing the medicine herself—the tattooed Mark that physically bars her from entering. The only way around that is to get it altered in the Black Market— an act that carries the possibility of a horrific and slow death— guaranteeing her the access she needs.

Willing to do whatever it takes, she accepts the help of the mysterious Ethan, a boy with an agenda of his own and who knows too much about the enemy. As her time in the city passes, dark secrets are uncovered about the Corporation and what really happened to her brother.

When the tables turn and the stakes get higher, Karis is forced to align herself with the deadliest beast of all, risking everything in order to save her brother. Now, the most treacherous part of Karis’ plan is staying alive long enough to make it back home.

About the Author:

RaeLynn Fry is a Boise author who loves all things YA. When she’s not reading or writing, she can be found outdoors with her husband and spastic black Lab, Sassy, Irish dancing, or scoping out the current inventory of ridiculously high heels and sassy handbags. CASTE is her debut novel.

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