“I Worked Hard for You” is fun to read to pre-schoolers

iworkedhard for youI Worked Hard for You (Sweet-Pea-Pie-boy-Face)

Ruthilyn Sparks, writer and illustrator
Copyright 2010 by RuthilynSparks!
ISBN – 978-146375502
Paperback: $12.95
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Ruthilyn Sparks has written a read-aloud book that is a delightful peek into the love a mother has for her child. Using the term “I worked hard for you” she answers a host of “Why can’t I” questions that children ask when prevented from attempting something that could be harmful.

She based the book on actual conversations she and her son Jonah had when he was three and she would tell him “because I worked hard for you,” when he questioned why he couldn’t wander off from her in a store or run ahead of her on walks. The message is universal for all parents of preschoolers, and would be a great tool when explaining their own rules to their child’s “Why can’t I?” questions.

Her whimsical stick figures are a charming accompaniment to the text; reflecting the kind of illustrations a book told from a preschooler’s point of view would use.

The only drawback I saw was if a child would try to read it, because the author differentiates between the adult and child’s point of view, by writing the child’s text in a mix of upper and lower case letters. I think it could be confusing for young readers.

Rate: 5 out of 5

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