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‘I don’t do magazines,’ says Publishers Clearing House $1 million winner in Elmore County

A 55-year-old former long-haul truck driver who hasn’t been able to work since having a massive heart attack a year and a half ago got some good news Tuesday.

Connie Kiesser, who lives outside Mountain Home, received a visit from the “prize patrol” with Publishers Clearing House. They gave her a check for $1 million. (Watch the video).

“I was helping my husband fill out job applications,” Kiesser said of the timing of the visit. Her husband, Rex, who was her driving partner, quit trucking when she fell ill. PCH

Kiesser said she’s been entering Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes since the late 1970s. She doesn’t have any magazine subscriptions now.

“I don’t do magazines. I told them that every time they would call,” she said Tuesday night. She said she did enjoy listening to audiobooks during her 20-year career in truck driving.

She’s bought a lot of other merchandise through Publishers Clearing House, a direct marketing company, including bird poop cleaner and space-saving plug-ins. She also enjoys playing the company’s online games.

“I enjoy playing the little games,” she said. “I’m a gambler. It’s a good thing I don’t live in Nevada.”

She said she plans to use the money to pay her home mortgage, vehicles and remaining medical bills. Also, she hopes to take a trip to Tennessee to visit her granddaughter.



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