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Hy Kloc will give up GBAD chairmanship

Hy Kloc plans to stay on the Greater Boise Auditorium District’s board of directors through his term, which ends in 2017.

But as of January1, Kloc said, he’ll no longer be the board’s chairman. Kloc, a Democrat who also serves as a state representative in Boise’s legislative district 16, said his plate is full and giving up the chair will afford him more time.

The board will hold an election early next year to elect a new chairman.┬áKloc wouldn’t say which of the five members he thinks it should be.

The Greater Boise Auditorium District was authorized by voters in 1959. It was meant to boost the Boise economy. The district gets its money from a 5 percent tax on hotel rooms inside its boundaries, which surround Boise. It operates Boise Centre, a convention venue that opened in 1990.

The main challenge facing the district is figuring out how to expand the amount of convention space available in Boise. The district has more than $13 million saved and brings in surplus income of more than $2 million each year from the hotel tax.

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