Here’s your chance to talk education with Gov. Otter

Idaho public education will be a dominant issue when the Legislature convenes in January.

One of the main topics almost certainly will be proposals from  Gov. Butch Otter’s  eight-month long task force for improving education.

Check in with us at at 11 a.m. Thursday for a live web chat to help answer your questions.

Gov. Butch Otter will be here to discuss his task force’s proposals. And we have invited three task force members: State Rep. Reed DeMordaunt, House Education Committee chairman; Linda Clark, Meridian School District superintendent; and Mike Lanza, a Boise parent and co-founder of Idaho Parents and Teachers Together.

Otter’s task force made sweeping recommendations that included

– Restoring $82 million lost to the school districts during the recession.

– Beefing up teacher pay and accountability.

– Insisting students master one subject before moving onto the next.

– Providing more autonomy for school districts to meet educational goals.

– Supporting Idaho Core Standards, a set of goals for what students should know that has come under growing criticism from some Idahoans who contend the standards take away the state’s ability to set its own education path.

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