Heading out hunting? Here’s a recap of what’s open and closed during government shutdown

Waterfowl season opens Saturday, and deer season opened Thursday, and the government shutdown could affect people heading out this weekend. Idaho Department of Fish and Game advises hunters, anglers, trappers, and wildlife watchers to beware of federal land closures due to the government shutdown. Idaho Fish and Game does not enforce these federal closures, however, federal law enforcement is still working during the shutdown and can write citations for hunters being in closed areas.

F&G has provided information from the federal government website, which you can see HERE.

For information about where to camp during the shutdown, go HERE.

Here’s more information about what federal lands are closed during the shutdown:

Fish and Wildlife Service: Lake Lowell and Snake River Islands Units of Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge will be closed to the public. This includes access to fishing as well as upland game, waterfowl, and deer hunting on the Lake Lowell and Snake River Islands Units. National Wildlife Refuge lands and facilities are closed to public access as are federal hatcheries.

Bureau of Land Management: Non-developed BLM lands with no controlled access will remain open. Campgrounds, boat ramps, visitor centers and other developed recreation sites will be closed or posted as closed in areas where public access cannot practically be restricted.

U.S. Forest Service: Non-developed lands without controlled access will remain open. Developed facilities are closed. Fire suppression, law enforcement and other activities essential to protect life and property will continue.

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation: Recreation areas located on Reclamation land and water bodies may be directly managed by Reclamation, by another Federal agency, or by a non-Federal managing partner. Recreation areas managed directly by Reclamation, and which are funded through appropriations, will be closed and may include areas at American Falls, Black Canyon Reservoir, Little Wood Reservoir and Warm Springs Reservoir. Those which are not funded by appropriations will remain open. Decisions on whether areas managed by another Federal partner will remain open will be made by each Federal managing partner. Those recreation areas managed by a non-Federal partner will remain open at the discretion of the partner. To determine the status of any Bureau of Reclamation recreation area, please contact the local recreation area.

National Park Service: All national parks and NPS-managed lands are closed, with all park entrances closed and secured. While the national parks are closed, roads that serve as thruways will remain open.

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