Green Flash Beers finally arrive in Boise!

Amid all the buzz about local breweries getting their beers in stores this week, you may have missed that San Diego’s Green Flash Brewing Co.Green Flash II beers have finally showed up in Treasure Valley stores and pubs.

This is awesome news for we Boise craft beer types. Getting Green Flash into the Boise market is comparable to when Odell, Stone, or Firestone Walker brews finally got to the Spud State.

The Green Flash West Coast IPA is a much-beloved and much-imitated version of the incredibly popular SoCal hop-forward India Pale Ale style, and the Palate Wrecker is kind of an stronger evolution on that beer.

Those are both now available in four packs at good beer stores (like Boise Co-Op, Bier:Thirty, Brewers Haven). I’ve seen the Green Flash Imperial IPA, Le Freak Ale (an very cool combo of a Belgian Triple and Imperial IPA), and Hop Head Red in 22 ounce bottles around town as well.

Expect to pay prices comparable to Stone and Firestone Walker beers for the Green Flash brews. For instance, four packs of the West Coast IPA and Palate Wrecker cost me $8.99 and $11.49 at the Boise Co-Op today.

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