Great bird watching for people who aren’t bird watchers

Photo by Roger Phillips
I admit I have passing interest in birds other than game birds. Just my nature, I guess. But I love cruising around the Fort Boise Wildlife Management Area near Parma in the spring. In one morning I saw thousands of white-fronted geese (aka speckle bellies, in the photo) and snow geese. I saw a flock of at least 50 turkeys with several toms already in full strut. The flock was so big I quite counting at 39 and was about through it.

Then there was usual mix of ducks and tweety birds. Sorry, beyond a red-winged blackbird, I am typically clueless what they are. It’s not only the sight of birds, it’s the sounds. Bird noises can be so loud you would almost swear someone is playing them on a stereo and cranking it up to unnatural volumes.

Bring your binoculars. The most of the geese and all the turkeys were in fields on private land, but with a decent set of binos we could still get a good look at them.

Go HERE for information and direction to the Fort Boise WMA and others

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