Graduation 2013: Gem State Adventist Academy

It’s graduation season, and this is one in a series of capsules on the graduating classes in the Treasure Valley. Details are provided by the school.


Graduation: 10 a.m., June 2, Gem State Adventist Academy Gymnasium

No. of graduates: 22

Paige Jansen

Paige Jansen

Student speaker: Paige Jansen

How the principal sums up the class of 2013: “Gem State Adventist Academy was founded in 1918 and has been graduating seniors since 1921. While many students have graduated over the years, there is no question that the GSAA class of 2013 will be remembered for their strong leadership and positive influence they have demonstrated in their four years. Additionally, these seniors have potentially set the mark for future generations in the area of class fundraising and support for their school!”

Peter J. McPherson, Principal


Bhangoo, Jagjot

Brus, Tiffany

Clendenon, Joseph

Fifer, Megan

Fisher, Nicole

Heid, Fritz

Iwasa, Carly

Jansen, Paige

Johnson, Andrew

Khowprasert, Pharadee

Lott, Kattie

Meharry, Megan

Nelson, Elizabeth

Petersen, Jokasty

Prest, Michael

Rice, Caleigh

Wambolt, Caitlin

Whitten, Ethan

Wolfe, Brock

Wolfe, Tyrel

Yarlott, Damien

Yeager, Gabrielle


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