Goodbye Hooters, hello chicken breasts

Update: I have reached out to a Hooters publicist to find out if they might open in another Treasure Valley location. I’ll update if I get an answer from their corporate offices.


o-HOOTERS-MOTHERS-DAY-facebookPoor Boise. We’re about to be Hootless.

The Idaho Statesman’s Audrey Dutton reports that Chick-fil-A is planning to put a restaurant right smack where Hooters currently resides at 8000 W. Franklin Road. In other words, Hooters is closing up shop.

The rumor has been floating around; I first heard it from the owner of Twin Peaks a couple of weeks ago.

Gee, that didn’t take long. Twin Peaks barely opened before Hooters ran away with tear-smeared makeup. Still, you have to figure that business was bound to start sagging with Twin Peaksshiny new digs near the Boise Spectrum and the Tilted Kilt on its way to Broadway Avenue.

Be careful, though, ladies. It seems that the only breasts welcome at certain Chick-fil-A locations are the chicken kind.

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