Gear Tuesday: Warm top for waders

Wind howled up the Salmon River canyon while we were steelheading near Riggins, Idaho, last weekend. It was the first time I was able to try out a polyester top that I go for a birthday gift.

My kids are into performance clothing for hunting and fishing and that’s very cool for me.

Anyway, I usually wear lightweight breathable waders on the boat so I can jump out while beaching the boat or releasing a fish and not worry about getting wet. The waders also provide protection from the wind and are warm.

The Drake Waterfowl Systems full-length turtleneck preformed well. The turtleneck worked better than a neck gator. The top of the so-called sweater is windproof while the bottom is thin fleece, which fits well in the waders. There’s no bulk in the waders which makes it pretty comfortable.

It also has Neoprene cuffs to keep out the wind and also give you some protection if you dip your hand in the river.

Cost: $75. See at


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