Gear Tuesday: Pooch PFD

dogPhoebe’s life vest from Ruffwear has gotten a lot of use over the past few years and it’s still keeping her afloat on the West’s whitewater rivers.

Ruffwear’s K-9 Float Coat has several layers of closed-cell foam instead of one thick piece to make the life vest shape to the dog and be more comfortable. Phoebe doesn’t mind wearing it at all. It’s second nature.

The vest doesn’t interfere with her swimming or walking or running on land. A belly panel boosts underside flotation, too. The front collar also ensures a good, stout fit.

She’s had a few life vests but this one fits her the best.

Cost: $79.95; look Here

Photo: Phoebe on her favorite spot in the drift boat on the Grande Ronde River in Oregon by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman

┬áBuckles are protected and straps have tail keepers: everything is streamlined so there’s less to dangle or snag.
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