Gear Tuesday: Plant guide has lots of info


The “Backpack Guide to Idaho Range Plants” takes a lot of the mystery out of plants across Idaho.


I especially like the sections on grasses. Grass looks like grass, well, until you look more closely.

The new full-color, 170-page, spiral-bound guide includes information from previous editions of a guide to “Idaho Range Plants,” but it’s the first edition to be printed in color.

That really helps when you are trying to identify flowering plants.

The book provides detailed information for 69 species that are frequently seen throughout the state’s rangelands.

The guide provides an overall view to the different plant- community eco-regions in the state with detailed drawings of how to tell the difference  between forbs, shrubs, grasses, sedges and rushes.

The guide costs $15 and is available online  HERE

Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman

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