Gear Tuesday: Lures change colors

Smartbaits You’re constantly amazed at what fishing-tackle manufacturers come up with season after season, but here’s something really wild.

Because of some unique chemistry, Smartbaits lures imitate wounded, bleeding prey fish changing colors at different water depths and temperatures

The lures were shown at a fishing show last month in Oklahoma and may not be at fishing shops yet, but here’s the scoop.

“Fish see color,” said Michael Dingman, owner of Smartbaits. Predator fish, like large bass, hone in on those colors of vulnerable or injured smaller fish and attack, he said.

Smartbaits incite that attack, the company says. For example in cold deep water or warm shallow water, just one Smartbaits lure will change colors from chartreuse to red or watermelon to junebug to attract fish to strike. Color changes everything; that’s the Smartbaits’ slogan.”

They’re kind of cool looking. Check out the lure company here

Photo provided by Smartbaits

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