Gear: Tea light candle provides energy for LED lantern

lanternFriends gave us a Thermologi Joi lantern for camping.

It’s not something you find in regular camping stores and it’s not something we’d got out and buy on a whim. But, it is the craziest lantern I’ve ever used and it’s pretty practical.

It’s “an ingenious new lighting product” that operates from the energy of a mere tea light candle. No fooling.

OK, I was skeptical. Here’s how it works.  You put the tea light candle into the holder of the light, light it and close the door. Within about one minute the Thermologi Joi begins to convert the heat of the tea light candle into  70+ lumens of light through eight LED’s. The company says this is more than 20 times the light generated by a tea light candle.

It is being marketed as a patio light but it sure worked on our last campout. It produced a lot of light to do dishes in the dark. It was also pleasant to have dinner in the dark at the picnic table.

It sure is a conversation piece at the campsite.

Cost: $129, depending on where you find it. For information go HERE

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