Gear: Get solar power with your critter cam


My Moultrie critter cam finally gave up the ghost after years and years and years of 24/7 out in the heat and cold.
It captured some incredible wildlife shots for me and was worth every penny I paid for it.
I replaced it with a Moultrie M-880 Scouting Camera and I can’t believe the advances in technology.
It takes infrared photos at night which are pretty bright and clear.
The old camera worked with a flash for nighttime photos.

The new camera takes 8MP photos and records HD video, even though I haven’t tried video yet.

The one thing that I’m glad I did was to also buy A Moultrie 12-volt solar-charged power panel to go with it.
I’ve been using the camera for about a month and still have about 90 percent of a charge in the eight AA batteries that operate the camera without the solar panel.
Cost of the camera was about $160 and the solar panel was about $90. I got both at Cabela’s.
Remote wildlife photography can get a little expensive but it’s a lot of fun, especially the shots you get at night.

Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman (I don’t usually keep the solar panel this close to the camera. Just for the photo)

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