Gear: Electric-assist bike can really take off

My wife was shopping for a new commuter bike (more on that in a later blog), so naturally, I was browsing the bike shop checking out all the varieties of bicycles.

So then Frank Leone, general manager of George’s Cycles and Fitness on Front Street brings out an Electra Townie Go, electric-assist cruiser for me to try. He had a smile on his face because he knew test rides on the bike make people laugh.

It did. After about three pedals, the electric motor kicks in and you get a sudden burst of speed.

I’m a commuting cyclist and pedal my way all around town. I’ve got about 4,900 miles on my current road bike and enjoy getting the exercise.

But, I can see the electric-assist, especially if you want to save time, haul more gear, tow a trailer with your dog or kayak in it, or have to go up steep hills.

It’s a super comfortable bike and is fitted so that when you come to a stop, you’re feet are flat on the ground. I never thought about that before until I rode the bike.

It is powered by a Sram E-Matic electric assist system and the battery gets about 30 miles or more to the charge, which takes about 3 to 4 hours.

I am sticking with my human-powered bicycle for now, but after the test drive, I can see where this bike would make you bike, haul more groceries and cruise to farther destinations than you normally do.

Cost: Around $2,300, depending on the model and all the bells and whistles; seen at George’s Cycles on Front Street in Boise. Take a test ride and you’ll get a smile on your face.

Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesmanbike

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