Gear: Easy way to start a fire

FireStarters 2With hunting season getting into full swing and cold and wet weather hitting the mountains, Roger and I started talking about easy ways to start an emergency survival fire.

I’ve got a heavy duty survival lighter and some waterproof matches with a small piece of waxy fire-starter that’s fine. I keep them in my survival kit.

But I came across FireStarters,  packets of fire-starting material that burns hot and with no harmful toxins.

One FireStarter can start a charcoal or wood fire and burn at 1,500 degrees for about 10 minutes, enough time to get a good fire going.

They burns clean with no smell in case you’re trying to get charcoal going. They are considered safe for transport and will not self-combust like other petroleum-based starters.

You still need a lighter or matches. They are simple to use, just place the packet under charcoal, wood, etc and light one corner to ignite.

Cost is $8.99 for a three pack, which includes 18 packets. A company spokesman says you might find them at Lowe’s or Albertsons.

For information, go HERE

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