Gear: Cheap wool gloves save the day

glovesYou can spend between $40 and $70 for a good pair of duck-hunting gloves and they’d fit the bill. But the other day I found out that inexpensive gloves from the surplus store can actually be just as good or better.

I took a pair of GI wool glove liners and cut the finger tips off so that I could better feel the safety and trigger on my shotgun while shooting. Underneath the fingerless wool gloves, I put on a pair of very light polypro gloves.

The combination worked great for shooting and taking photos. I imagine they would work well for shifting gears on your bicycle commute.

Anyway, I slipped on the ice while hunting a Snake River island and put both hands and my gun in the river in knee-deep water. Luckily I got out before water could seep down my waders.

The gloves were soaked and saturated. But guess what? They still kept my hands warm for the duration of the hunt, which was another two hours or so in 25-degree weather.

Sometimes inexpensive pays off.

I got the GI wool glove liners for $3.97 a pair and the polypro glove liners for $3.97 a pair at Boise Army-Navy in Garden City.

Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman

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