Forgotten Sins – an amazing romantic suspense

What a great start to a series. I absolutely loved this book, the suspense is amazing and of course the chemistry between Josie and Shane is off the charts.
Twenty years ago a group of brothers were in what seemed like a military camp, they were treated like warriors, made to do horrific things to others with an “only the strong survive” mentality. The four eventually escape and disappear. Two years ago Shane married a woman, yet after two months he again disappeared. She was heartbroken and confused but made a new life for herself in a different state. Now she is on her way to talk to the police, they have a man who has amnesia with her name and their marriage license in his wallet. Josie met and married Shane after knowing him for three weeks; she does not know anything more about him other than he was in the military and he let it slip one night that he has brothers.
Shane goes home with her after the police are done, but things ramp up from there and it is nonstop action until the end. They are not sure who to trust as they not only have to find who is trying to kill them but also where Shane has been for the past two years. They find help when his brothers, Matt and Nathan come to town however they are all still in danger from an unknown source.
Amazing nonstop action that had me hooked from the beginning. Shane was perfect as the alpha man who does not remember Josie, but does know right away she is his, I love the way he feels about her from the beginning. Josie is great as the heroine; she was a bit naïve when they first met yet she has grown up in the last two years and holds her own. The brothers are very guarded as it has always been them against the world and it is hard for them to accept another in their small circle, yet Josie fits.
The suspense and action are perfectly blended with the romance and I am excited to read more in this series as there are so many mysteries to solve.

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