Forest Service is opening Upper Salmon River campgrounds for spring steelhead season

Here’s the information from the folks at Sawtooth National Recreation Area: Salmon River, Mormon Bend and Whiskey Flats Campgrounds are located downriver from Stanley near popular fishing areas and will be available to the public by Saturday March 9. Holman Creek Campground, also downriver, will be opened once snow has melted and it dries out.

No camping fees will be charged until mid-May. Outhouses are open, but all garbage must be packed out to dumpsters at Sunbeam Dam 13 miles north of Stanley on Highway 75, and the Scenic Byways Rest Area located just south of Stanley on Highway 75.

Campground roads and parking spurs have been plowed clear of snow, but campground tables and fire rings may still be buried in snow.

“Anglers refrain from building fires outside of designated fire rings to prevent damage to paved surfaces underneath the snow and to limit the cleaning required of the campsites after the snow melts,” Sawtooth NRA Recreation Manager Susan James said.

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