Foothills trail work is just that, and lots of it

One of the most chronically overlooked and under-appreciated things among recreationists is trails. They tend to be taken for granted and treated like sidewalks – usable any time with little or no maintenance required. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s a lot of hard work by a few professionals and many volunteers that keep the Foothills trails from becoming a mess. That’s one reason I like to keep trail conditions on the forefront and remind people why it’s important to stay off muddy trails. I rode Hillside Junior High trails last night and they were trashed during wet conditions and have now have dried to a pocked and bumpy surface that rides like cobble. There’s also the constant battle with natural erosion.

What this blog post is really about is those who put their time and effort into making trails better, and the latest in a long line of this is by Team Eastside Cycles, who tackled some serious erosion problems on Five Mile Trail off Rocky Canyon Road. And I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention that 20 volunteers from SWIMBA were out working on the Avimor trails last weekend.

If you want to see the work the volunteers do behind the scenes and don’t get nearly enough credit in my opinion, please click HERE. There’s a great photo essay that perfectly illustrates the nature of trail work. You may only see a ribbon of dirt when they’re done, but look at all the work that went into making that seemingly simple section of trail.

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