Fly anglers, it’s time to try bass fishing

Many fly rodders overlook bass fishing and focus their attention on trout. But spring is a great time to give these fish a try. All you need is a floating line and an over-sized woolly bugger. Head to a pond, reservoir or the Snake River. For smallmouths, look for rocky areas, cliff faces, or gravel bottoms. For largemouth, look for brushy areas, weedy areas, logs, or any other kind of submerged cover. For both fish, think cast, sink, strip, pause. Always watch your line or keep slight tension on it when the fly is sinking. Bass will often take on the drop.

The key to fly fishing for bass is to keep your fly near cover as much as possible. Bass like to stay near structure. They don’t cruise open water like trout. So the more you keep your fly near cover, the more likely you are to get a strike. Fish with a heavy leader (10-lb plus) so you can cast into heavy cover and not lose your fly. Bass aren’t line shy.

When it all works, fishing is fast and fun. Bass can be really aggressive, and you will have a blast catching them.

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