Five Presidents, Two Weeks, First Coffee

The gathering of the Five Presidents for the George W. Bush Presidential Library dedication gave a glimpse of the individual humanity still detectable after a combined 36 years of serving as president.

To a man, each president inhaled that rare air lingering around The Club of chief executives/ Commanders-In-Chief and exhaled praise normally so hidden from public view.

Though most of it was directed at President George W. Bush because it was his day, each of them — especially President Barack Obama — showed a tenderness and fraternal connection that resonates even today.

If only we could bottle this and serve a cup of such chill whenever the bodies and parties in Congress are acting out.  Part of me thinks that is the only explanation for how months and years of Sequestration ranting from both sides could end with both chambers voting to fix the trouble they allowed by signing off on sidelining air traffic controllers.

Isn’t it great!!

. . . .Oh, ah, wait. Scrap that. Just read where this burst of Congressional Kum Ba Yah was related to them getting home for recess!


Though I have not ventured much beyond Boise yet I can understand the attraction to the region dating back to native people,  to the founding 150 years past — right up to my arrival here a fortnight ago. It has a beautiful setting, pleasant neighborhoods and friendly people.

I got a dose of history Thursday at the Boise City Club and came away with something Carol MacGregor said that lingers. I paraphrase, but she made the point that city founders and generations hence have always had the attitude that — if they wanted to enjoy the finer things in life such as culture, they would have to create it. I am so happy they did.


Looking forward to getting together with some of the folks who wanted to have coffee next week.

If I missed a connection with you, please contact me:


(208) 377-6437



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