Fire restrictions set in Hells Canyon

Idaho Power on Wednesday (July 17) announced fire restrictions at some of its parks in Hells Canyon and at C.J. Strike Reservoir near Bruneau.

 In Hells Canyon, no fires of any kind (including charcoal briquettes) are allowed at Woodhead Park. Fires are permitted in metal fire rings only at McCormick, Carters Landing, Copperfield and Hells Canyon parks until further notice.

 At C.J. Strike, fires are not allowed in the North Park RV sites or at Cottonwood Park. Fire is also prohibited at the Jacks Creek Recreation Area. Fires are currently allowed in the North Park tent area as well as Scout and Locust parks until further notice.

Idaho Power says fire danger is high around all of its camping and recreation sites. Campers should be extremely cautious with fire. Keep all vehicles on approved roads.

Further restrictions are possible if conditions warrant.


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