Field test: Sealskinz Ultra-grip gloves

Photo by Roger Phillips
At first glance these gloves seem pretty similar to any other knit gloves. They appear fine for basic warmth, but not something you’d want to trust keeping your hand toasty on a cold morning duck hunting. That was my initial impression, but wearing them changed that.

The bad: With morning temperatures were in the mid teens, and they didn’t insulate well enough to keep my hands warm. Not surprising because they’re fairly thin. SealSkinz rates them as a 2 for warmth on a 1 to 5 rating with 5 being extreme cold, so I was outside the parameters of what they suggest. Credit the company for putting that rating on the package.

The good: The gloves give you good grip and dexterity. I could easily load my shotgun, work the safety and shoot with the gloves on. My hands stayed dry, even when pulling a wet dog out of the river, or just working around a wet duck boat. This gave them a huge advantage over my usual fleece or wool gloves. I would have been changing into my spares because they would have been soaked, but I didn’t have to with these gloves. By mid morning when the temperature rose and the sun came out, the gloves kept my hands comfortably warm and dry, and that was with temperatures still at or near freezing. So I would rate these as more of a 3 on that 1 to 5 scale.

The company says the gloves made with three layers, the inner layer is Merino wool, which is my favorite for it warmth without bulk. Second layer is a waterproof membrane, and the outside is nylon. Not sure about the durability, but for cold weather around wet or snowy conditions where dexterity is a must, they’re a good option. I will definitely keep these handy on hunting and fishing trips.

Price: $49.95. Available at REI and other sporting goods stores.

To see the manufacturer’s website, go HERE.

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