Fiance by Friday – a suspenseful contemporary romance

I really enjoyed this book, a great story with so much suspense and romance. I love the fact that all the past characters from the series have such a huge part of the book. It is great to see them and continue their stories.
Lady Gwen is the daughter of a deceased duke, but more importantly is that her brother Blake, is the current Duke of Albany and married to Samantha. Gwen has lived her life surrounded by wealth, yet is very down to earth.
She is currently working for Alliance, a place that matches up people for marriage or whatever social statement they want to make, not a dating service, more of a life service. She is about to set up Michael Wolfe, a famous actor looking for a wife with Karen, Gwen’s roommate.
Neil MacBain has worked for Blake for five years as a bodyguard and set ups security for him. He is currently watching Gwen while Blake is back East. Gwen has always flirted with Neil and has made it known that she wants him. She is now waiting for him to make a move as she is tired of trying.
Neil finds out that an old mission is causing trouble with his current life, and when his friend Rick comes to see him with news, he realizes he must protect Gwen at all costs. His enemy was in intelligence and has a lot of knowledge, Neil is puzzled about who would want revenge after all this time. He and Gwen take off as he feels it is the only way to protect her.
What a great continuation of the series. I love Neil, so stoic and standoffish, what a great hero he is. I love the tortured hero and Neil is perfect for the part as we watch him go through his nightmares, guilt and anguish over his buddies that did not make it out alive. Neil and Gwen are great together, they have such chemistry that the sex scenes sizzle as they enjoy their attraction, love it. Sometimes, I was not sure why Gwen just allowed Neil to lead her around, she was very trusting. The danger is intense as we are not sure who the villain is, who to trust and what will happen. The pace is fast and intense, such a page turner as we want to see what happens in the end.
I thoroughly enjoy the fact that characters from the first books are so prevalent here, Blake is the very protective brother and even helps with finding out who is threatening Gwen and Neil. I also love how he wields his power with the government to get answers, and talk about power, I love how Gwen is at the end, she does not take any flak from anyone, just wants her man free. All in all a great story with much more suspense than I expected and I enjoyed the ride.

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