F&G wants information about poached swan near Star

The swan was probably shot Friday evening, Feb. 22 near the Boise River just west of Star. There is no hunting season on trumpeter swans in Idaho. Citizens Against Poaching is offering a reward for information in the case and callers can remain anonymous. Contact CAP at (800) 632-5999. The line is open 24 hours a day. Fish and Game district conservation officer Matt O’Connell found the poached swan at the edge of a pond near Bent Lane. Evidence was collected at the scene, and O’Connell was able to interview witnesses, but he hopes to learn more about the case from others who have knowledge of the poaching incident.

At more than 20 pounds, and with a wingspan of eight feet, the trumpeter swan is the largest waterfowl in North America and the largest swan in the world.

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