Fencing along Little Salmon causes a stir among steelhead anglers

I’ve been getting questions from anglers that believe they are being fenced out of prime steelhead fishing turf along the Little Salmon River.

Well, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game put out a press release Nov. 7 about the private land. Here you go:

New fencing along Idaho 95 near the Little Salmon River south of Riggins is prompting questions and concerns about fishing access.


A private property owner is extending fencing on his property between Highway 95 and the Little Salmon River north of the mouth of the Rapid River.


The private landowner is not required to allow public access to the river from Highway 95.  However, Fish and Game understands that the owner will continue to allow river access from the highway to anglers complying with conditions identified on signs posted at several traditional access locations. 


Idaho Fish and Game urges anglers to respect private property rights and to comply with landowner conditions for keeping public access across private property.

Idaho Fish and Game is working to secure more access points to the Little Salmon River through donations and purchases from willing sellers as funds are available.  To confirm where access is available, call your local Fish and Game office.

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