Feel the power of music at the annual Boise Intergenerational Choir concert

This is definitely a time when you might find more people on stage than in the audience. That’s because the Boise Intergenerational Choir — dubbed the BIG Choir by founder and co-director Vashti Summervill — has about 250 members. That’s right — you’ll hear 250 voices from babes in arms to people in their 80s, joyfully singing on stage at 4 p.m. April 12 in Cathedral of the Rockies’ Emmaus Center, 717 N. 11th St., Boise.

Boise's Intergenerational Choir — The BIG Choir

Boise’s Intergenerational Choir — The BIG Choir

Summervill, an opera-trained soprano with an active community spirit, runs Open Door Music Studio. She started the BIG choir in 2008 with about 60 members. She now co-directs the behemoth with fellow music educator Will Martin. Her husband, Chad, directs the BIG Band, and Heather Steele of Marimba Boise directs the group’s Zimbabwean-style marimba ensemble.

The program is filled with fun and lively songs from folk to pop to world music and will last about 90 minutes. You’ll also see Taiko drumming and Irish dance.

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